Teaching Between The Lines – The Flipped Classroom

Have you ever wondered what makes a great teacher? YOU!

In this workshop you will learn how to bring aspects of yourself to your classroom. This will make the curriculum meaningful and flip the learning environment to an engaging space where connection to learning, meaningful conversation and a natural rapport with your students can happen. Learn how to model leadership skills while delivering your curriculum. Discover how to create a classroom where students want to learn and engage.

The teacher, in many ways, is the most significant adult a young person meets after the adults in their family. What role could the teacher play in the social emotional development of youth that supports the growth of their student’s learning abilities and contributes to a positive and safe learning environment? This workshop will answer these questions and more.

Creating a Culture of Respect to End Bullying

“You are only as happy as your saddest child”… Getting bullied is hard, it can change you and make all areas of your life difficult. It can cause a child to shut down and close off from loved ones and to stop engaging in activities they once loved. This process can be straining on families and leave you feeling helpless as a parent. There is no easy solution – but there is support.

Bullying is a relationship problem that requires a relationship solution.

In this workshop designed for parents, we will lead you in restorative circle and share experiences in order to collectively find solutions. We will arm you with tools that have proved successful in many schools that we have developed for families like yourself. These tools are rooted in peer-to-peer mentoring – that develop character education such as empathy, cooperation and integrity.

A Role For Us All

This intergenerational train-the-trainer program puts retired educators in a position to share their insight and wisdom with youth. We will train retired educators to become certified coach/mentors prepared to work with peer leaders, disengaged and at-risk youth in Trinity’s various school programs.

Currently being developed with Health Canada Drug Strategy Program and University of Toronto OISE in schools of the Toronto District School Board and Algoma School Board.

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